Better memory and rtl subset foundation for Delphi (64bit)

Better memory for Delphi is a thin manager and a rtl subset foundation for scalable applications. Built with the best-in-class industry-proven libraries, it's written with fastest speed and maximum reliability in mind, for actual architectures. Among of a dozen of algorithms and libraries reviewed, this arrangement is the best solution selected. Multithreaded test shows from 0x to 10x average performance achievement. For example Delphi-Cross-Socket http server, goes from 25K reqs/sec to 100K reqs/sec. Isapi webbroker mvc apps are serving the pages 5x quicker, saving investments. Benchmarks done on I7 4/8 core cpu.

The suite includes a super scalar memory manager, a simd enabled rtl subset, a zlib accelerator for optimized compression pipeline, a webbroker class helper to enable high speed and distributed deflate.

As author, my name is Roberto Della Pasqua, I own patents, a Embarcadero Delphi certificate of excellence, a Microsoft Windows NT certificate of excellence, an American Design Award, and I wrote a mystical book. Thus coding in Turbo Pascal from the year 1990, I have very good expertize in kernel architectures, compilers, systems and design.

"Based on patented rights: using multiplexed threading, tls deduplication, simd vectors, enhanced containers, zero-copy, kernel queues. I did a original master of the modern social network around the I2K, with scalable server paradigm; thin client with presence, location and around things lookup in realtime; cloud keys and indexes exchange methods; marvellous aesthetic design; ai powered agents with friendly and funny characterization; circle based geometry; per-window remote user relationship, optimizing display workspace; emotional display rapresentation and others".