Roberto Della Pasqua โ—‹|โˆ† 149แต’
Software | Developer | Architect
Microsoft Excellence
Embarcadero Excellence
American Design Award
Social Network Patents
Mystic Book Author
School Teacher
Smart Industry

<< E.xtraordinary T.alented
>> thank you for the marvelous travel
>> will miss you so much :')
.from my imaginary book
.will publish something in the next months about
this superlative eye-catching experiment and his story
.will show the drafts, the UI interface,
the server and client methods, codes
and the writings of the encounter
.introspective journey
.need time

from drafts 2001-2002, 2003-2007 executive, running Windows app, realtime graphic universal messenger
will load better graphics, patent files and a detailed how-to build a scalable social app from the server til the client

"My" avatar example (end 2007 photo)

Millebaci intro "love" var 1

CE opening "friendness" var 1

CE opening var 2

CE "booobles" game title

CE "booobles" game in

will load PDF with Millebaci synoptic and philosophy, discovering geo-populated live lists, server actor, first set of emoji, clothes, logos, client grids and feeds

about the author | concept draft | summer 2006 vibes word games a smallest subset of a massive brainstorming